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The Amber Knight

The Amber Knight

Paperback, 260 pages
Imprint:Accent Press
Published:23 May 2013
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This fast-paced action thriller is a multi-layered story that spans eight centuries, from medieval Germany and Prussia to present day Poland and USA cen tred on the legend of the Amber Knight – a beloved relic that inspired generations until the Nazis stole it.

Created in 1232 during The Teutonic Crusade when the heroic knight, Helmut von Mau, dies in battle at Elblag. When the town is burned and the amber in the treasury melts an d is poured into Helmut’s sarcophagus, covering his body and creating the Amber Knight.
Present day Gdansk.

Adam Salen, director of a museum trust receives photographs of the Amber Knight which disappeared in 1945, and a demand for 15 million dollars. His assistant, Magda, believes that, given a corpse, amber and armour the knight could be recreated.

Adam and Magda want the knight for the museum, but when a mafia h it man is found dead on Adam’s doorstep and more corpses are discovered in woods near Hitler’s Wolf’s lair, it seems like there may b e truth behind the myth that death awaits every unbeliever who looks upon Helmut’s face.

Accent Press
Accent Press
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23 May 2013
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